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As parents of young kids with complex special needs, we understand how valuable time can be so we developed this website as a one stop resource for kids, parents, siblings and carers.

Welcome to Special Aussies Foundation

A not-for-profit project inspired by our kids Asialee, Brodie, Charlize & Jack.

The Heartbreaking Reality

In Western Australia alone, Over 7500 children cannot sit, stand, walk, talk or perform some basic aspect of self care without equipment or aid. These children and their families are often discharged from hospital without any information on what therapies, support, equipment and services are available. They are left practically alone with very little support and are expected to discover for themselves.

The Good News

Although these children may never lead a fully
independent life, with the right equipment and aid,
these kids with disabilities will be able to sit, stand,
move, communicate and have the capacity to
The Special Aussies Foundation aims to inspire and
enable children with special needs to embrace
and experience their world with no limitations.
We ensure families are aware of all the available
opportunities and have the right information to
make empowered choices.

Just Because We Are Labelled Disabled, Doesn’t Mean We Are Not Able!

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Understand and be well-informed
  • Spread The Word
  • Donate Your Time or Money
  • Become A Corporate Sponsor

Our Stories

We May Be Non-Verbal, But That Does NOT Mean We Have Nothing To Say.

“When our daughter, Asialee, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, we had so many questions and spent much time trying to source the answers.”
“Jack has severe disabilities and is unable to sit, stand, walk, toilet and communicate without support. Thanks to the right equipment he now enjoys greater functionality, mobility and independence”

“Did You Know That Over 7500 West Australian CHILDREN Can’t Sit, Stand, Walk or Talk?”

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