Equipment Program


When I want to buy a pram, a cot, a highchair anything at all for my 2 year old son I can go to any department store, choose the item that best meets his needs and our budget and buy it on the spot.

When I want to buy a chair, a pram or a postural chair for my 3 year old daughter who cannot sit, stand, walk, talk, bathe or toilet without assistance, THERE IS NO STORE.

Our showroom project aims to provide this store and similar choices and opportunities to kids with special needs and their families.

Project Scope

We aim to raise $400K to provide a broad range of equipment for children (0-18 years) with special needs.

This equipment will be on permanent display in one central location, with health professionals available to assist with fittings if necessary. It will provide WA children with special needs, their carers and therapists with immediate access to fit equipment including:

  • Postural Seating & Positioning – including travel options
  • Standing
  • Mobility – Mobility Bases, Strollers, Wheelchairs, Walkers
  • Bathing & Toileting
  • Sleep & Positioning
  • Sporting & Play
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Access & Environmental Control

The showroom will provide resources that will assist WA children with special needs, their carers and therapists to select equipment that best meets their child’s needs.

Visit our Equipment Showroom Page to view our current equipment.

Our Objectives

  • Children can immediately access equipment to view & fit (no waiting)
  • All equipment needs are housed in one place, along with home modification ideas
  • Parents can view all available equipment options and discuss these with their child’s therapist, and onsite expert O.T.
  • Parents & therapists can make informed choice for equipment, after being fitted and assessing child’s postural needs, growth rate as well as functional use of equipment.
  • Families can test equipment (considering weight, size) etc. to know if it is suitable for home, vehicle, room size and ease of use (to prevent injury to carer/s)
  • Potential to limit health complications for child due to a lack of postural support or equipment
  • Carers / Parents / Therapists can use their time more effectively (not wasted sourcing equipment)
  • Therapists can use their time more effectively; less time spent chasing suppliers trying to track down equipment and can provide a better service to their clients (families) with a range of equipment options for them to view and try in the one location

Equipment Program

Currently WA Children are waiting up to 12 months for essential pieces of equipment including seating, positioning, mobility, wheelchairs, bathing & toileting, communication, access & environmental control devices.

Project Scope

We aim to raise $3 million dollars to enable loan of this equipment whilst children await government funds, so that no child has to wait longer than 4 weeks to access essential equipment.


  • WA Children can access equipment within 4 weeks, subject to availability (no 12 month wait for CAEP funding)
  • Equipment provides: access, independence, inclusion, mobility, communication, education, social opportunities
  • Increased self-confidence, sense of inclusion as child has equipment to enable independent play and social interaction.
  • Reduced stress within family unit
  • Equipment can be re-cycled (parents know what to do with used equipment)
  • Therapists will have more time to spend with families on therapy that will aid the child’s development, rather than time spent in therapy sessions trying to fix health problems (such as poor posture, poor digestion, poor respiratory) that arise as a consequence of unmet equipment needs.
  • Hospitals will be less burdened with unnecessary illness and surgeries (arising from lack of adequate equipment in early intervention years)… e.g. aspiration, compaction of major organs and/or pneumonia in children with CP due to lack of support and poor positioning of a child that requires postural stability.