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Family & Relationships

With extra needs and time demands, and in some cases lots of hard choices…relationships can become strained if these are not nurtured.


#1 Tip

Look after yourself – take time to relax, do at least one thing you love a day, eat well and make time to exercise…easier said than done, like your child’s appointments BOOK THE TIME in!! The more fulfilled you are the more you have to offer others.


#2 Tip

For those in partnerships, set aside some mum and dad time. Don’t sweat the small stuff and appreciate the contribution your partner makes in your life and that of your kid/s.



#3 Tip

Find some activities that are fun for the whole fam and do these often!!


#4 Tip

Take regular respite. This is as important for your own health and sanity as it is for your kids socialisation and independence.


#5 Tip

Acknowledge the difference you do make. It is more than enough!


#6 Tip

Say yes when people offer help.


#7 Tip

Say no when you mean to.


#8 Tip

Communicate your needs (and your child’s) and you are most likely to have these met.


# 9 Tip

See the opportunity in every challenge, the ability in disability and the love in your child’s eyes.


Read the Carers Australia resources and take advantage of their helpline in times of stress. If you just want to chat with someone who can listen and relate to you, visit our recommended chat forums and visit our Facebook page to make new friendships and swap info with others in similar shoes.

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