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On this page you will find links to the most useful chat forums recommended by Special Aussies Foundation!


Open Forum for Parents of Children Living With Autism. Talk and ask questions about issues related to caring for children living with Autism.
Currently over 35,000 members

Cerebral Palsy & Like Conditions. CPecial Parents Forum

Highly recommended. Over 1000 members (mostly Australian parents) of children with cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury. Huge group of parents with wide range of knowledge and experience from feeding issues, to equipment, schooling, services & supports. Very friendly community.

Agosci Listserve

AGOSCI is a group of people with complex communication needs, as well as those who live, know or work with people with complex communication needs. Highly recommended for parents of children who are non-verbal (include physical disabilities and autism). Full of ideas for increasing literacy and communication competency. You can also follow

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Feeding Issues Forum

Most members have NG, PEG or JEG tubes (or are parents of children with these) due to a wide range of conditions from CP to cancer. All have feeding issues. Full of info on tube care but very interesting nutritional ideas too as this site is for people who eat blenderized diet by tube.

AAC Information

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