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Home Modifications

For information specific to your child’s needs, discuss your options with your child’s OT.

Visit ILC site to download more information on home modifications, and to view available fittings


  • Hobless showers enable easy commode access
  • Floor gradient & drainage to accommodate hobless shower
  • Commercial Hand Rail in shower to provide support for child or carer
  • Shower with adjustable height shower rose on free cable
  • Basin height and stand alone enable easy wheelchair access
  • Hoist for safe transfer from wheelchair to bath
  • Quarter turn or flick mixer taps assist access
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Change area – table, built in plinth or fold down table
  • Consider storage for commode, hoists etc
  • Consider as child grows, equipment may grow when planning space requirements


  • Allow turning space for equipment
  • If using hospital bed, hoist, respiratory equipment etc, consider width of doorways & halls to accommodate (so your child can move in/out of bedroom at times they are bedridden
  • Consider use of open shelves/storage units at child’s level if they are in a wheelchair
  • Hang rails at wheelchair height
  • Consider colour coding garments so it is easy for your child to choose clothes
  • Consider including storage space for hoists, feeding & other equipment


  • Wide (at least 850mm)
  • Allow enough turning room for wheelchair/walker
  • Consider lever handles
  • Consider automatic doors (operated by sensor or LED control)


  • Consider beam height if have high roof car accommodating wheelchair
  • Consider width to allow for vehicle plus clearance for loading/unloading child
  • Track recess access door to house


  • Track – recessing doorways – enables easy wheelchair, gait trainer access.
  • Consider using commercial vinyl or adding non-slip surface to existing tiling.
  • Note: Carpet tends to wear quickly with frequent wheelchair use, and the extra friction makes it mobility difficult for children in wheelchairs/walkers.


The following allow your child to participate in household activities and chores. Contact Kitchenhaus in Osborne Park 9443 8603 for your options.

  • Height adjustable benches
  • Accessible oven height position
  • Height adjustable stove top
  • Custom design dishwashers
  • Quarter turn or flick mixer taps assist access
  • LED/Environment controlled devices


  • Front loading washing machines
  • Non-slip flooring – commercial vinyl or non-slip tile


Can get assistive technology and smart wiring (LED controlled with switch, joystick or other access).


  • Lifts
  • Ceiling Tracks (operates like a ski chair lift)

Visit Home Lifts for Australian lift companies


  • As your child grows their equipment may grow so consider this when planning space requirements (ie additional storage and turning space, shower space)
  • Consider your child’s future equipment needs
  • Consider what may be needed to accommodate independence, privacy, assistance
  • Consider a granny flat or private wing if renovating/new build to accommodate elder children and potentially accommodate personal assistants/room mates. Consider own entry with internal door to mainhouse
  • If you or your child is considering your child living totally independently, options are government housing, rent or buy. Place their name on the waitlist as early as possible as the wait is often lengthy for government housing. Keep modification costs in your budget if renting or buying
  • Considering hiring a personal assistant and if accommodation for them is needed. Involve your child in the selection process and discuss ways your child would like the support hours to be spent
  • Consider an assistance dog that can assist open/close doors, dressing etc
  • If you have the capacity to purchase an investment property, look into Special Disability Trusts (you can salary sacrifice or make a beneficiary of company trust for tax benefits) and consider a property that may be of use to your child as they head into adulthood. Discuss this option with your accountant

For information specific to your child’s needs, discuss your options with your child’s OT.

Visit ILC site to download more information on home modifications, and to view available fittings


  • Consider all equipment items including PEG feeding, suctioning, continence aids, respiratory, positioning equipment, hoists, wedges, communication devices, toys, commodes, standers, walkers, wheelchairs etc
  • Consider a storeroom in bedroom, bathroom, living room as suits equipment needs


  • Commercial grab rail if positioned close to wall
  • Solid brick behind toilet for drop down/swing away rail
  • Choose Care Pan to best accommodate toilet commode. Ie. Caroma Care Pan

Allow transfer, turning space (950mm beside and 1200mm in front)

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