Ormesa Grillo Gait Trainer

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The Indoor Ormesa Grillo is a gait trainer / walker specifically designed for children with special needs. It comes with a light-weight frame and four swivel wheels to increase maneuverability within tight, indoor spaces.

Parents, therapists, teachers, and other caregivers will like the easy maneuverability of the Grillo gait trainer. With the adjustable chest, pelvic, and leg supports, the Grillo is the perfect gait training solution for multiple children with special needs in therapy clinics, schools, and daycare programs. Other accessories can also be added to adjust direction and speed of the gait trainer when being used by children of varying walking abilities.

Alone, the Grillo Gait Trainer / Walker will support children with mild to moderate physical disabilities. By adding the optional arm supports, the Grillo can be used to accommodate children with increased upper trunk support needs. With the optional abduction straps, the Grillo can then support children with poor weight bearing abilities, increased tone, and scissoring of the legs.

Accessories: Ormesa Grillo Gait Trainer

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