Permobil Koala Power Wheelchair

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The Koala has become the way to freedom for children aged two and up. The many practical functions built into the chair help the child in countless ways. The seat lift makes tooth-brushing easier. The five-degree forward tilt on the seat makes play more like child’s play. The twenty-five-degree backward tilt is perfect when it is time for a little rest.

In addition, the turning radius is only 57 centimetres and it is possible to run over obstacles up to six centimetres high. Koala is fun to drive. But it is safe too. The child soon learns to use the controls and the chair obeys instantly. Exactly like the adult chairs, Koala is very steady and can manoeuvre over sloping or irregular terrain and round sharp corners.

Check product specs for colours and sizing.

Accessories: Permobil Koala Power Wheelchair

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