Permobil Miniflex X850 Power Wheelchair

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This is the latest off-road innovation from Permobil, designed for rough terrain..

The X850 features rear-wheel drive and fully independent suspension for each wheel. You can also climb obstacles up to six inches high — perfect for activities such as camping, gardening or just becoming one with nature.

New features include directional headlights that turn with you and spring-loaded rearview mirrors that do not get caught on obstacles you may encounter along the trail.

As safety is always a consideration, the X850 is equipped with ESP (Electronic Steering Performance) to control the drive motor and make cornering smoother at all speeds. Offering servo-steering with a joystick, the X850 may be programmed to meet the user’s requirements with a 9-mph maximum speed and 5.5-mph for those under 16.

The Miniflex actually grows as your child does. See spec sheet. With standard leatherette or fabric seats, the Miniflex frame also accommodates custom-molded seats. Optional power seat adjustment is also available.

Accessories: Permobil Miniflex X850 Power Wheelchair

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