Permobil Playman Power Wheelchair

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There and back, round about and up and down. Practically whatever happens, Playman can keep up with the child’s antics. This chair is designed to play in – and to play with. But Playman is of course more than just fun. Safety at floor level as well as at table level is most important in this chair. It can go from building with Lego to brushing teeth just in seconds, at least in theory …

The combination of frontwheel drive, advanced electronics and a powerful motor make Playman a delight to drive in. Besides, the sturdy but versatile chassis is one of the factors which make the chair secure and safe indoors and out. The chair can easily run over obstacles up to 7 centimetres high. The Miniflex seat is available in three sizes and can easily be customised for each child. And of course, the covers are washable and very easy to change.

Playman comes in 3 sizes and 2 colours

Check product specs for details.

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