Quickie Zippie Iris Wheelchair

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Following the Iris, the new ZippieĀ® IRIS. The Zippie IRIS uses the Quickie IRIS rotation-in-space design and downsizes it to fit the paediatric user. This new design features a smaller rotational arc to better match a paediatric user’s centre of gravity, a smaller base-frame, smaller bolts, smaller fasteners, smaller tubing, etc. The result: an astoundingly lightweight, low to the ground paediatric rotation-in-space wheelchair.

Highest backrest of any Booster Seat or Toddler Seat to allow larger children to stay in the seat longer. Converts from a forward facing to booster seat (unique product). Deep wings for side impact protection fitted with EPS liner for added head protection for the child Built in child harness to 18kg which stores away when not in use. Harness adjustable by push button. Luxurious fabrics plus additional cushioning and padding all over. Includes two cup holders (suits cups, drink cans and fruit boxes) that can be rotated into a stored position when not in use.

Includes pivoting arm rests, a recline mechanism, seat belt locator, anti-submarine clip and split crotch strap all for added comfort and safety.

Accessories: Quickie Zippie Iris Wheelchair

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