Special Tomato MPS Seat

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The built-in Attachment Straps lets you use the MPS with any chair that your child uses at home, in school, on the bus, in the car, airplane or at your favourite restaurant so your child will be able to sit with everyone else, fully supported; and do whatever activities he/she enjoys the most.

The MPS Seat has been designed to offer comfortable and proper positioning support. The soft, lightweight, and durable modular seating surface cushions allow for individualized adjustment. Cushions are made from a new latex-free material that is not only soft, but is tough and durable to withstand deflating, cracking, and is impermeable to fluids.

The small seat suits 2-8 yrs and the Large 8-14yrs.

View product specs for dimensions.

Accessories: Special Tomato MPS Seat

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