Special Tomato Sitter

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The Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter is an adaptive seating system for children with special needs and comes in 5 sizes. It is peel & tear resistant and impermeable to fluids.

It has a contoured seat shell with 5-point harness to increase support at the trunk, shoulders, and hips. It has a built-in abductor that works with the anti-thrust seating surface to promote optimal joint alignment at the trunk and hips for children with increased or decreased muscle tone.

Attachment straps are included with the Soft-Touchâ„¢ Sitter to secure it easily and safely onto a standard chair at home, school, or out in the community The Sitter can also be used with either Optional Tilt Wedge or Mobile Tilt Wedge to create a Tilt-In-Space special needs seating system.

  • Size 1- 1-3yrs fits small wedge
  • Size 2- 3-6 yrs fits small wedge
  • Size 3- 6-9 yrs fits small wedge
  • Size 4- 9-14yrs fits large wedge
  • Size 5- 13-adult fits large wedge

Accessories: Special Tomato Sitter

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