Tumbleforms Tortoise Shell + Balls + Net & Suspension Kit

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The Tortoise Shell is recommended for ages 0-5 and up to a weight limit of 75 lb. includes the Shell, Net, Balls, and Suspension Kit.

The Tortoise Shell includes the shell, the perceptual motor lid, a fitted net filled with 2″ multi-coloured polyethylene balls for sensory feedback, and the Suspension Kit with all ropes and hooks necessary for attachment. Tortoise Shell is portable, easily cleaned and measures 36″ in diameter x 18″ high ( 46 cm x 91 cm). The lid doubles as a perceptual motor surface when tracking 2″ Bubble Balls rolled in moulded grooves. The balls are easy to wash when contained in the net.

This system will rotate only if the frame it is attached to has a rotational component to it.

Accessories: Tumbleforms Tortoise Shell + Balls + Net & Suspension Kit

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