Tumbleforms Turtle Therapy System

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The Turtle is intended for children 0-7 years of age as a therapy system for vestibular stimulation, sensory integration, and gross motor activities. Ideal for clinical programs, the Turtle is portable and easily kept clean, making it well suited for the mobile therapist.

It includes the moulded Dome, Scooter, T-Stool, therapy record Booklet, Turtle Methods Manual, and a Net Swing with hanging rope and ascender (place to hang Net Swing not included).

The Turtle Dome has a cavity large enough for a toddler to sit in, or stand inside, is latex free and measures 24″ in diameter x 22″ high.

The Turtle Dome lid doubles as either a Scooter or a T-Stool that has an adjustable height leg which attaches easily when desired. For Scooter use, simply detach the T-Stool leg and immediately work the platform in multi-direction movement.

Flip the Turtle Dome placing the lid flush with the flat side of the Dome on the floor, and it can be used to sit upon, conduct balance routines, and extension activities. Flip the lid in the Dome exposing the casters and you have a Turtle Dome that is a Scooter!

Accessories: Tumbleforms Turtle Therapy System

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